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Muscat sec, white wine of mas des caprices, photo Serge Briez © Cap mediations



Our Muscat Blanc de Blanc Sec
has contrasting mineral and musk tones.
Ideal with colorful appetizers, mixed aperitifs, asparagus mousseline sauce.

Made with young and old Muscat petits grains, both early and late varieties grown on the schist hills of Fitou.

Bottled by Mireille and Pierre Mann at MAS DES CAPRICES

Wine made with certified organically grown grapes (FR-BIO-01)

Product of France

The 2012 / 2013 vintages are out of stock, and there was no Muscat Sec en 2014 because of the small harvest…But 2015 is available bottled in March 2016 (WARNING : Only 900 bottles)

Mas des caprices Muscat Sec label

Muscat Sec label