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Muscat de Rivesaltes, sweet wine, photo Serge Briez © Cap mediations

Muscat de Rivesaltes

” Christmas Muscat” ,  “Muscat de Rivesaltes 2015”

“Muscat de Rivesaltes 2015” Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP)
This year’s Muscat was obtained by cold maceration.
Rich and very long, its liqueur perfumes the palate while maintaining a surprising freshness.
It boasts a concentrate of fruity notes with exotic and mint flavors.
A very enjoyable wine that is both sweet and fresh! Muscat on schiste…

Food wine-parings: This wine goes perfectly with festive aperitifs, foie gras, strong or blue cheeses, as well as fruit and citrus-based desserts…
Or drink it whenever you so desire – but always in moderation!

Bottled by Mireille and Pierre Mann at MAS DES CAPRICES

Wine made with certified organically grown grapes (FR-BIO-01)

Product of France

Bottled in November 2015: Christmas Muscat

Muscat de Rivesaltes 2015 will be bottled in March 2016

label muscat de noël, muscat de rivesaltes of mas des caprices

muscat de noël, muscat de rivesaltes label