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Blanc de l'œuf, white wine of mas des caprices, photo Serge Briez © Cap mediations


“Blanc de l’Oeuf 2017” (Egg White)

A subtle blend of white Grenache, Maccabeu, and a hint of Muscat a Petits Grains, fermented and “incubated” in an egg-shaped vat, producing a fruity, round, and supple wine. This floral wine will delightfully pair with exotic cuisine and grilled fish, and is perfect as an aperitif.

Fruity and full-bodied with fresh iodine notes!

Bottled by Mireille and Pierre Mann, winemakers in Leucate, and “incubated” in an egg-shaped vat to produce a fruity, round, and supple wine.

Wine made with certified organically grown grapes (Ecocert SAS F-32600)

Product of France

Bottled in March 2018, for more informations Black and White


label blanc de l'œuf 2011 of mas des caprices

label blanc de l’Oeuf