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Anthocyane, red wine, photo Serge Briez © Cap mediations


“Anthocyane 2013”

AOP Appellation Fitou Protégée

This wine is made with the very best grapes in this vintage, predominantly old Mourvèdre supported by Carignan and Grenache from the limestone plateau of the Leucate peninsula. It is aged close to 16 months in oak barrels, with all the attention a fine wine requires.

What does Anthocyane mean? Anthocyanins are natural pigments in black grapes that range in color from red to blue. When crafting red wine, grapes are macerated to gently extract the pigment, giving the wine its brilliant color. Anthocyanins are also powerful antioxidants that contribute to good health, slowing down cell aging among other benefits.

Our oldest vines goes into making this wine, which has a long vatting period and a 16-month aging period: perfect for fall meals!

So let’s drink to our health and that of others, with pleasure and moderation.

And take advantage of the French paradox!

Bottled at the estate by Mireille and Pierre Mann at MAS DES CAPRICES, in Leucate in the Aude department, in April 2015.

Wine made with certified organically grown grapes (FR-BIO-01)

Product of France

label antocyane of mas des caprices

Anthocyane label